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Spanish casting agencies

Hello and welcome back on our journey through the best casting agencies of southern Europe! A sunny country well-known for love of life and eating tapas, regional dances, music, and the extraordinary cinema that gained universal recognition thanks to Pedro Almodóvar, Antonio Banderas, star couple Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, or blockbuster Pan's Labyrinth.

Let's have a look at the best Spanish casting agencies that connect actors and actresses, with movie directors and advertising agencies!

POP Life Agency

Our first agency is always looking for new faces not afraid of work at the national and international level. Anyone can join POP Life Agency and work for famous brands like Coca-cola, Supradyn, or Volkswagen.


Next on our list is a British-managed agency with over 25 years of experience in production management of film and television for National Geographic or BBC plus music videos and many more. Spain Film Office is sourcing the best actors, models, and extras for local and international shoots.

BGENCY Talents

If you don't want just any role you should try Barcelona-based Bgency. Wired with all sorts of advertising projects and always on the lookout for new faces - for registration send them a short presentation with at least two of your best photos.

PERFIL Management

The next agency is casting actors and actresses in Madrid, with a huge database, PERFIL is leader among casting agencies.


A personal representative of actors, actresses, and models in Madrid, 2Management agency will help you reach your goals. Promoting your talent both nationally and internationally and providing you with the best opportunities so you can develop and face your challenges.


More than 30 years of experience within the Spanish market as well as globally has provided the Metropolitan agency with a valuable portfolio of artists for TV, theater, voice-overs, and film.


AP agency is representing only a few talents but is thrilled more than ever for new fresh talents to offer them collaboration with filmmakers from all over the world.

Are you a talented actor but the only witness is your reflection in the mirror at home? Submit your details and try your luck in the Spanish film industry. Don´t hesitate to select the agency of your preference - they are already awaiting you! And let us know when we will see you in a new Spanish movie.

Hopefully, we were helpful on your journey and we wish you the best of luck with your first casting experience!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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