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Estonian casting agencies

Many countries have great locations and services for the film business. However, Estonia is truly magnificent in these terms. Estonia offered the latest technology, support on film friendliness as well as exceptional production and casting agencies.

One of the best and the biggest commercial talent agencies in Estonia is the Estonian Casting Agency. Which focuses on professional and amateur models, professional and background actors in worldwide terms. In their database is more than 7500 talents. EC is a more than 10 years old agency that has over 500 successful projects, for instance, a movie Unplug&Play or a commercial video for IKEA, and much more.


Another well-known and award-winning production agency located in Estonia is called Cuba Films And Estonian Production Service. It offers full production and production services for movies, promotional videos, commercials, TV shows, and music videos. Since 2010 Cuba helped with more than 50 projects mainly with TV advertising for example Husqvarna or BMW television advertisements.

Last but not least to mention is AGENCY ICON, which has been providing casting services for nearly a decade. They focus on the representation of models, talents, and actors for commercials, TV series, feature films, and music videos. There’s a catalog of 10 000 people in their database which is a really big number for an Estonian agency. Agency Icon cast actors for the phenomenal limited series called The Queen’s Gambit from Netflix, De Longhi coffee promo, or Mercedes Benz advertising videos. They are known for casting background actors and feature roles for an upcoming horror movie The Twin. Agency icon doesn’t provide just casting but also modeling.

There are much more great film, television, and commercial production companies in Estonia you can check e.g. Film Tower, All film, GET SHOT FILMS, or Average Money Productions. Hopefully, we were helpful on your journey and we wish you the best of luck with your Estonian casting experience!

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