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Casting agencies of Ukraine

Months after the war broke out in Ukraine, the crisis continues to affect millions. The country has been suffering the consequences of war and more than 4 million people have fled across borders to seek safety. While the war wages on, the support for Ukraine remains unwavering!

In today´s article, we will pay tribute to the second largest country in Europe with rich Slavic history. Слава Україні! Sláva Ukrayíni!

Let's start with an agency that makes casting EASY: with new exciting casting calls on their Facebook page, you will play in no time!

The success of any creative project depends on its performers, and KIEV CASTING agency is choosing talents very carefully, always finding the most suitable ones for the roles in film, photo, and video projects.

With more than 10-years of experience HELLO! CASTING is providing casting services for commercials, TV, and feature projects such as Netflix, Activia, or Vodafone. Having cooperation experience with Turkey, Ireland, Germany, The UK, and other countries thanks to providing an extensive actors database and understanding of the market.

The purpose of the Association is to create a helpful environment for the development of Ukrainian casting industry employees, from which even you can benefit! Find out your next talent representative on their website, and have the best presentation for both local and even international casting calls.

The next casting agency is located in the sunny city of Odessa and offers the services of extras casting. ODESSA MOVIES have a large database of extras and amateurs. And their city features such a huge number of historical places and sights that successfully served as locations to shoot movies that many productions have already gladly come back. For example, a live action video for a computer game named "Middle-earth: Shadow of War" was shot in the Akkerman Fortress whereby about 300 local extras were involved.

Ukrainians are very friendly and welcoming - they love to help each other and consider all people around them to be their best friends. So don't hesitate and try your luck in the Ukrainian film industry. Hopefully, we were helpful on your journey and we wish you luck with your Ukrainian casting experience!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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