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Most people have the potential to become an actress or an actor



Today we will find out more about the process of casting the right actress or actor. Proudly presenting you, assistant to international casting director Nancy Bishop, CSA, and acting coach - Ivo Consi! Without further ado let's find out more about his acting classes.

What is the main focus of your acting workshops?

When I started three years ago, I dedicated the time to a thorough analysis of the text, dealing with action beats or goals.

"But the actors often focused on too many things at once and forgot to be present in a moment."

Today, I choose a much simpler path and look for ways to tailor the coaching to the actor so that his speech is as natural and strong as possible.

Do you perceive any drawbacks in the casting and filming process?

In the initial rounds of the casting, the actor arrives alone and I’m the only one there with them. At this stage, we don't know yet if the actor will work well with other cast actors - we do this because we don't want to overlook someone who didn't give the best performance on their own but would be great in tandem with other actors in the film.

What technologies or applications do you use at work?

We use the ROLETIK application the most and I'm very satisfied with it. We can create casting calls, have an overview of the actors, communicate with them - and we manage everything within this one platform. The director herself has contacts all over Europe, so we often contact agents across borders as well.

Do you see casting as one of the most important components of the entire film production?

Definitely. Miloš Forman has already said that and it still applies the film rises and falls with the actors. It was Forman who mentioned that the supporting characters and smaller roles were even more important than the main cast in some aspects.

Does your work affect you in your private life?

Absolutely and definitely yes – apart from casting and coaching, I have always been interested in directing, i.e. I watch a film not only as a viewer but also through the eyes of a creator.

Do you deal with casting and acting performances outside of work?

In everyday life, I often observe people and analyze their behavior. Most of them have the potential to become actors or actresses. Film acting and real-life behavior are very close.

And the latest news? Ivo Consi participates in a number of foreign projects and regularly coaches film actors. Organizing workshops and individual lessons to keep the actors in the shape! Want to get your film acting to the next level? Don't hesitate and register for a thorough acting class on the website:



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