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French casting agencies

Hello and welcome back to the hood!

Getting on a plane and flying over to a country known for their amazing pastries, cheeses, and wines. We’re off to France! France has a lot to offer not only in the great wine and food but also the beautiful views which are then featured in the films like “Dunkirk” or “Lolita” (1997), but also in the hilarious series “Call My Agent” and fairly recent “Emily in Paris”.


Moving forwards, the casting agencies that could be right for you are just at the tip of my tongue. Starting off with Le Casting Parisien. This casting agency is not only for actors and extras but also for models. They also provide street casting which isn’t very common but is usually very flattering and of course the hopes of being noticed by a casting director will never falter because of companies like this.


Next up is Casting Company International, which you may already know if you’re interested in being an extra or being in advertisements in Germany because this particular agency has offices in both Germany and France!

Voyez Mon Agent

Moving onto bigger things, the casting agency VMA - Voyez mon agent, springs to mind. Founded in 1974, this company has years of experience and a huge database of their own actors and actresses.


Speaking of huge databases, let’s look at the JAAM casting agency. This agency has a huge influence on not only film but also in fashion and you know we love a fashion icon.


Last but never least is the casting agency Agence Marilou. With a great sense of what and who is in style, this casting agency can take you from a flop to the top.

Once again we are saying our goodbyes and hoping you the best of luck in the future and in the presence of casting directors. Fingers crossed, break a leg!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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