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Festival de Cannes 2022

It has been a while since the winners of The 75th annual Cannes Film Festival were revealed. See the list of the most honored prizes from the glorious film festival this year.

Palme d'Or

Triangle of Sadness directed by Ruben Östlund

A satirical dark comedy, that pokes fun at the ultra-rich and the issues we face today, has gained a lot of mixed reviews from the critics. Nonetheless the mixed feelings about this movie, it is a wildly entertaining and visually dazzling film. Congratulations!

Grand Prix

Stars at Noon directed by Claire Denis & Close directed by Lukas Dhont

A 2-way tie between two sensitive drama pieces. Lukas Dhont’s debut feature, Girl, portrays how love feels at an age where articulating anything feels impossible, especially between two 13-year-old boys. Claire Denis’ slow burning thriller film set in the tropics tells the viewers about the neediness and alcoholism of a woman on a path to self-destruction.

Best Director

Park Chan-wook for Decision to Leave

Once again, director Park Chan-wook has stunned us all with his seductive murder-mystery.

Best Screenplay

Boy From Heaven

As innocent as it may sound, Boy From Heaven is a sad and deep story about the hidden reality of corruption and hypocrisy.

Jury Prize

EO directed by Jerzy Skolimowski & The Eight Mountains directed by Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch

An innocent donkey protagonist has won the hearts of many in a beautifully shot Skolimowski film. Sharing the Jury Prize with an inexpressibly sorrowful piece about friendship directed by Groeningen and Vandermeersch.

Best Actress

Zar Amir Ebrahimi for Holy Spider

Iranian actress Zar Amir Ebrahimi has shown her courageous acting performance in Holy Spider, where her character solves serial murders of prostitutes.

Best Actor

Song Kang-ho for Broker

Parasite’s Song Kang Ho stole the show with another breakthrough role as a repentant baby rustler in Broker.

Short films - Palme d'Or

The Water Murmurs by Jianying Chen

A poetic and short piece by Chen leaves the viewers pondering on the true meaning of belonging and place.

Camera d'Or

Gina Gammel and Riley Keough for War Pony

Revealing everyday realities of Reservation Life, it is the tale of love and money on a Native American reservation.


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