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Turkish casting agencies

Country influenced by the best of both the Middle East and the Mediterranean, is much more than just stylish Istanbul. Beach towns scattered along the coasts tempt tourists to superb resorts, while world-class archaeological sites show breathtaking desert landscapes. Combined with innovative cuisine, maze-like bazaars, unique film festivals, and friendly people, there’s something for everyone.

Our selected agencies provide actors for famous brands and interesting campaigns. On their website, you can see the amazing collaborations in their portfolios. Let's have a look at the best agencies in Turkey.

GIOVANNI AJANS ISTANBUL - Turkish and foreign talents

I bet you didn't know that Istanbul has its very own expat casting agency, where foreigners get to play the main role in movies, commercials, TV series, and music videos. And GIOVANNI AJANS ISTANBUL is still looking out for professionals and amateurs for such big brands as Lipton, Samsung, or Total.


ICON Talent Management providing flawless casting directorship with a strong portfolio of actors is Turkey's most comprehensive agency in its field. From 2007 ICON has cast in national and international productions such as Netflix or FOX.


With 16 years of expertise, one of Turkey's leading “artist supply” agencies, id provides services for TV series and feature films produced by Turkey's biggest production companies.

Maydonoz Ajans

The next agency on our list ensures clients that their actors work in the most suitable project whether it is theater plays, TV series, cinema films, commercials, or brand campaigns. You can easily apply by following the instructions on Maydonoz Ajans website.


And now presenting the aptly named Oscar Agency, so if you want to take part in a TV series, become a movie actor, or a commercial actor, we invite you to their website.

Ice Model Management Istanbul

ICE agency is promoting not only models but also actors with different faces for TV series, commercials, and music videos. Don't forget to fill up their application form and wait for the acting role of your dreams.


And we are sunseting with the first Turkey-based talent agency representing international actors and stunt performers - SANOR boast great credits in the industry and are available for feature films, television series, commercials, and music videos produced not only in Turkey but throughout the Middle East as well.

Not sure if you can make it on Turkish screens? Don´t think about it too much, because casting agencies are always on the lookout for new and fresh talents. Hopefully, we were helpful on your journey and we wish you luck with your first casting experience!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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