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Danish casting agencies

A Country surrounded by the sea, where bad weather for cycling doesn´t exist, is home to unique movies and stars Connie Nielsen, Mads Mikkelsen, or Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Casting agencies are looking for people speaking not only Danish but other world languages as well. You don´t need a working permit, just fill in the EU residence certificate and don´t forget to register with the Civil Registration System after you arrive.

Enjoy the true hygge while working in one of the happiest countries in the world!


When looking for a job, we recommend you to search for renowned casting agencies such as CASTIT, which was founded in 2000 in Copenhagen and specializes in finding people for commercials. CASTIT co-operate with creative agencies, e.g. Yellow and Baby, with a dedicated focus on creativity and clever solutions. Create a profile with your photos and become part of a database containing both amateurs and skilled actors.


Or contact CPH Casting, which offers casting for TV productions, films, commercials, and music videos. Their database is dynamic and contains not only amateur actors but also extras, models, singers, and dancers.


ANOTHER Casting Company was able to participate in successful movie productions: The Hunt, A Royal Affair, and The Commune with breathtaking casts. Don´t hesitate and send them your best photos and create your profile, which will be visible not only for advertising agencies but also for directors themselves. If you are not sure which agency would suit you the best, look at the list of completed projects on their websites.


Don't want to use the agency's services? Try the SELFCAST app. Its goal is to modernise the industry and enables talents – actors, models, dancers, extras – to connect with producers in the film, TV, and advertising industry without any intermediary. Selfcast is founded by experienced people from the casting industry, for a small fee you access lots of exclusive jobs and castings. Manage your own career independently of agents and managers.

And in the meantime, don't forget that the smallest Nordic country is home not only to Hamlet but also to beautiful nature and wonderful sights. One never knows, maybe when tasting a local specialty, open-faced sandwich, you´ll be street cast in Copenhagen. Hopefully, we were helpful on your journey and we wish you luck with your first casting experience!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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