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Casting agencies in Luxembourg and Belgium

Even though Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe it is, without doubt, the exquisite one - from delicious chocolates, crispy fries, a wide array of beers to the world’s greatest number of castles per square meter (some regions even have two castles per village), or oldest shopping arcade. Belgium is even home to the hero of ninth art - Tintin and the biggest and most sought-after electronic festival in the world Tomorrowland.

Are you someone who doesn’t have traditional model looks, but are indisputably photogenic, with an easy manner? Then try your luck!


Let's start in Antwerp with THE AGENT for actors and models that can guarantee professionalism and flexibility by building up trust and personal relationships with their clients, models, and artists.


Full-service casting agency based in Brussels, experienced in television, photography, film, and advertisement, wewantyou provide clients with an extensive database of actors, extras, and models in Belgium, The Netherlands, and France. Providing actors for worldwide known brands such as Pfizer, Disney+, or Panzani. And motto of WE WANT YOU agency? The difference between a good and a great casting agency lies in the ability to go the extra mile and come up with solutions exceeding expectations.

casting team

Casting and modeling agency, casting team is the best of both worlds. Actively looking for the right people for every idea - but at the same time, they also have their own huge database with more than 6,000 talents and a network of more than 50,000 people. They just love to work with people, their passion lies in searching - and finding - original and characterful personalities for MasterCard, Quick, or Burger King advertising campaigns.


Founded in Antwerp in 1999, FACE IT CAST!NG provides a comprehensive casting service for film, television, advertising, and music video productions. They cast, they create and they want to share it with you - join them on their website!


The next agency was established in 1995, Ghent. CA/ST is run by passionate casting directors selecting actors for various clients including Heineken, Ford, or Samsung.


Continuing with LUCKY STAR near Brussels that is representing actors worldwide. They are able to offer you a comfortable working environment - send them an email, and wait for your dream role!

Moving to the wealthiest country in the European Union, a major center for large private banking where citizens enjoy a high standard of living. With a constant demand for actors in Luxembourg from walk-on extra roles, to fully blown speak-acting jobs, the need is always there.


Improving the quality of castings in the entertainment industry while connecting everyday people (the upcoming talents) and current professionals with Luxembourg's thriving movie, and TV productions. That is the goal of Casting LUX. Always seeking new talents for projects within the region of Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium & the Netherlands.


And when you´ll be a little more experienced you might find The Association of professional actors in Luxembourg the right thing for you.

Can´t wait to visit the best of western Europe? Let us know when we will see you in the next Benelux Blockbuster! Hopefully, we were helpful on your journey and we wish you luck with your first casting experience!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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