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Norwegian casting agencies

A relatively small population with a fish-heavy diet, coastline famous for its fjords, a country bursting with mountains and ski resorts, with the crisp Arctic air and sky full of the northern lights aurora borealis: say Hei to Norway! Acting talents include both experienced professional drama actors and extras. The rates are competitive and terms flexible by international standards. Without further ado, we are presenting you with the best Norwegian casting agencies.

Starting with Stella, an agency that represents actors for feature films, TV series, documentaries, theater, and commercials - successfully casting over 50 projects. With a huge archive of about 25,000 people not only from Norway but all over the world as well. They love to find people, don´t hesitate and fill out the form on their website.

Leading agency from 2003 providing actors for several Scandinavian and international movies, TV channels, and advertising agencies. Would you like to be a part of PHOLK's growing community? Register on the website, include your best headshots, or get the best pictures in their studio.

The next one is an agency founded in 1990, Oslo, EVERYBODY is willing to represent literally everybody. Check out their commercials for Mcdonald's or Škoda and send your bio directly to their casting directors.

And one with a scary name - Cannibal Casting was established way back in 1996 and ever since created an astonishing archive with over 10,000 registered actors and actresses. Cannibal Casting have cast over 700 commercials and movies over the years. Even though they are kind of consuming talents throughout the process of casting, they are just four nice casting directors ready to become your manager.


Casting agency based in Oslo, providing talent for film, TV series, and commercials for HBO or local TV channels. Register easily on LØKKA website and wait for your breakthrough in Norway film!

Would you be interested in working in The Arctic? The northernmost casting agency in Norway, NINA ERDAHL, is scouting all over the region for the best faces and fresh new talent, offering casting to film, TV, commercials, and music videos.

Even though Norwegian is the official language, English is a working language for most Norwegian people. Casts from the European Union working in Norway do not need a visa (and if you are from outside the EU region apply for a work visa at the nearest Norwegian embassy). Visit this proud Viking country full of opportunities for both extras and professional actors. We wish you luck with your Norwegian casting experience!

Until next time,

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PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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