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Irish casting agencies

Welcome to the land of shamrocks, the natural beauty, incredible hospitality, creative and talented people (from Oscar Wilde to Cillian Murphy, Pierce Brosnan, or brilliant Liam Neeson), to hearty meals and tasty drinks brewed over the years, there is no doubt that Ireland has many things to be proud of.

And here is the list of the best that casting agencies can offer!

Brennan Acting Agency

Are you a talented actor/actress with some experience in the movie industry? Are interested in representation by a successful agency that selected casts for Anna Karenina, The Vikings, or Game of Thrones? Brennan Acting Agency is the one for you!

Founded by one of London’s busiest casting directors, Carl Proctor Casting is casting mainly for film and TV. Film credits include Shadow of The Vampire with Willem Dafoe and John Malkovich, Blood Creek with Michael Fassbender, and recent TV show The Bible series (becoming the most successful mini-series of all time).

Next on our list is AMY ROWAN CASTING - casting director for TV, Film & Commercials, with years of experience even with famous actors and big brands like Cillian Murphy, or Amazon Prime Video.

Ali Coffey Casting

If you want to audition for an agency that supports and celebrates diversity in all its forms you should definitely try the winner of the UK´s 2020 CDA Award in the Best International Casting category and send AC Casting your resumé and best headshots to the email address on their buzzing website.

Based in Ireland, our next casting agency is searching for actors and actresses for film, television, and commercials. LOUISE KIELY CASTING is always providing efficient and innovative service while creating equal opportunities for all actors; regardless of gender, race, sexuality, disability, or social background.

And don´t forget to check out the Facebook page of Gillin Reynolds casting agency, which posts new exciting casting calls every week!

Emma Gunnery Casting

Actors who would like to work on projects with Netflix or Lionsgate should submit CVs, headshots, and reels to the Gunnery casting agency and wait for the call with the announcement of their next exciting acting role.

Dorothy Mac Gabhann Casting

Our next talent agency casted over 500 TV commercials, movies, shorts, and TV dramas both national and international, and worked with directors Stephen Frears, John Moore, and many more. Dorothy Mac Gabhann Casting is always on the lookout for new actors and actresses.


After a refreshing break, Pearce McMahon Casting is delighted to announce its return to business. Considering it their passion and delight to be constantly scouting for talent. Most recently they have been working on a series of highly successful ads, many of them pretty funny - see for yourself on their website.


And now to Ireland's extras agency - with over 20,000 extras serving film, TV, and commercials throughout Ireland. The Extras Dept is the right agency for you!

MAUREEN V WARD Talent Agency

And closing with an extension of the extremely successful Talented Kids Agency Ireland, run by respected agent and coach - the MVW Talent Agency is looking mainly for adults with a wealth of professional experience.

So, if for some reason you didn’t know whether Ireland has something to offer, now you have ten reasons not just to visit but to stay in this evergreen country. Hopefully, we were helpful on your journey and we wish you luck with your first casting experience!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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