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What do you need as an actor and what finds F. Bratfanof fundamental while casting?



Today we will find out a little more about Romanian casting. Proudly presenting you, the successful casting director, who has been working for both local and even international producers, famous directors, and representing Romanian actors with the greatest potential. Without further ado let´s ask today's guest Florentina Bratfanof a few questions about her successes and exciting profession.

Photo Credit: Norbert Fodor

What does casting mean to you and how did you discover that

this is your calling?

Casting means finding together with the film director the best actor to create each character for a project. Sometimes, besides the artistic level of the actors, we want to find out more about his discipline, commitment, beliefs, and education.

"Casting is a very up close and honest process."

In 2011 I was employed to be a talent scouter for a major TV player in Romania, but I turned out to be fully a casting director in 2014, after working with the visionary film director Adina Pintilie, for Touch Me Not, that won Berlinale in 2018.

How do you view new and upcoming technologies used in the film, specifically in casting?

For casting the new technologies are very good to get to know actors quickly and to obtain self-tapes in due time (that sometimes must be very quick), but for taking the final decision for a role, the live presence remains fundamental.

Where do you take inspiration from? How do you choose your cast for films and commercials? Do you have a favorite way of discovering new talents and faces?

I was born to be an observer, I love to experience films, different theatre, and dance shows. Somehow I want to find somebody to pay me to go to just watching films and shows. Somehow I use this joy in my casting process, I will always relate with other films or performing arts productions.

And the latest news? After entering the professional association - International Casting Directors Network - Florentina Bratfanof, together with Bettina Lohmeyer (acting coach, actor, and director), started the first phase of a successful Self Tape Workshop for all Romanian actors. Hoping that after the pandemic, they will continue with even more exciting and interesting self-improving classes for the future stars of the Romanian film industry.



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