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Casting agencies of Hungary

Welcome to the country that has formed the foundations of the silver screen, where some of Hollywood's most famous actors - Adrien Brody, Drew Barrymore or Tony Curtis - have family roots, Hungary is - with 20 Oscars - home to one of the world´s best filmography.

Even today, foreign productions from all over the world continue to favour Hungary and its experienced casting agencies, so don't hesitate to sign up for one of our list.

ARMADA Casting

With more than 20 years of presence, ARMADA Casting serves both the domestic and international productions. Looking for both amateur and professional actors, models, and stuntmen, to be in commercials, feature films, or TV series. They are even making custom commercial music, no wonder their clients are Pepsi, Colgate or Gilette.


BANNER CASTING is one of the leading casting agencies in Hungary with a database that currently contains 20,000 actors, extras, dancers and models. Nevertheless, they are successful in their individual approach and we assure you that if they call you for casting, it is because they really do consider you to be suited for the role.


Another casting agency with more than 20 years of experience took a little different approach. HOLLYWOOD CAST created an online casting site available to anyone who needs interesting characters. From commercials, feature films, to photoshoots - clients, even small businesses which would like to advertise, can easily find a good model. Every year they are participating in the making of a dozen commercials, for world known brands like Coca Cola, McDonald's, Gucci or Adidas and not stopping there - an Oscar winner Son of Saul was casted by HOLLYWOOD CAST as well.

Hungaro Film Casting

Our next casting agency is in the industry for over 30 years. Add a database with over a thousand actors which is constantly updated, and you won't be surprised by their successful partnership with various European casting agencies and production companies. HFC talents have been shooting across the USA, Turkey, South Korea, or Germany for HBO, Nikon or Yves Rocher.


ZOOM CASTING works with actors, extras and models. Besides commercials and several graduation films for the Academy of Film in Budapest, they've worked on two international feature films - Boy 7 and Birchlegs - but their database contains actors of all ages and ethnicities.


Mako agency mediates actors for film, advertisements, TV movies, and documentaries. You can easily register on their website, just fill out a form with questions about your physique, and they'll get back to you in no time.

Open casting

Open casting method of working is different from the general practice you’d find in other casting agencies in Hungary. This agency does not offer an online database and online registration for the public, instead they welcome unique characters with different age, abilities and race every friday in their office. Professional photoshoot while having a little chat will help talent representatives find out all the details that can be essential when recommending you for a role.

Playground casting

Providing actors, featured talents and extras for ad campaigns, photo shoots, TV shows, TV series and movies for more than 10 years - hundreds of commercials and a huge number of feature productions represent Playground casting success. And a huge database including actors, dancers, models. In order to provide flexible and global service at any time, they keep permanent contact with foreign partner agencies.

Hungary is a diverse country connected by water - from glorious spas to majestic rivers and largest thermal lake in the world - Hungary has a unique relationship with water so don't hesitate just jump into it and reach your next casting call! Hope you find this article helpful and we wish you luck on every step of your acting journey!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you with your acting journey!


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