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Bulgarian casting agencies

Bulgaria, with its wild landscape, exotic people, rugged fortifications, and Cyrillic lettering, is an incredibly rich and varied filming destination, with locations suitable for even the most demanding projects. From the Thracians, the ancient Romans, to the Asiatic Bulgars, that gave the country its name, over the centuries Bulgaria has become a whirlpool of civilizations.

Towns with diverse architecture ranging from remains of ancient empires, the legacy left by the Soviet Era, and to the ultra-modern buildings of today. Even the natural scenery is truly unique – from forests to mountain ranges, to the coast of the Black Sea, with golden sand beaches.

TIMELESS Production Group

Providing film, TV and commercials production with in-house casting directors that are representing both european and international actors and extras. TPG - Bulgaria with extensive experience in organizing and carrying out castings for film and television productions, commercials, music videos, TV shows for both local and foreign markets.


Do you love the big screen, the glow of the limelight, would you like to be an extra in a scene with a famous actor? Or just to earn a little extra income? Whatever your motivation is, apply to join STAR BOX CASTING®!

casting machine agency

Next casting agency provides casting services for films, commercials, and television with an astonishing talent base consisting of over 12,000 actors and working with brands such as Heineken, VISA, or Pepsi. Sounds interesting, right? Easily sign in on Casting machine agency website and don't forget to include your best headshot.


Next agency has a rich and constantly updating database along with a skillful team, creating advertisement, TV and film productions. If you are an actor, drama theatre student, musician, dancer, stunt, extra or just want to be added to their database, you are more than welcome. After making an appointment, COOL WORKS will make your profile, consisting of professional photos and short video presentations, and all that free of charge! Don´t hesitate, send them your profile and check their facebook page with recent casting calls.


And now to the one of the largest casting agencies in Bulgaria with a variety of extras and actors, CREW CASTING database includes over 3 000 people of different ages and backgrounds. Directly selecting the most suitable actors for advertising, movie, TV series, or promo campaigns. Also providing professional set assistants for the shooting days. No wonder they organise castings in Bulgaria and all over Europe.

After soaking up in the bath with the world's best rose oil, send your beautiful photos to some of our agencies and try your luck at casting call of your dreams. Hopefully, we were helpful on your journey and we wish you luck with your first casting experience!

Until next time,

Your Hood

PS: Let us know what you think and if we helped you on your acting journey!


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